Neurological Cancer: A Close Look at Cancers of the Brain and Spine

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What is a Neurosurgeon?

Neurosurgeon Dr. Clinton Baird has selected a number of questions to answer. Please click on the links below to see the questions and his video recorded responses.

sherwanda from vineland

how does a brain tumor change a person? meaning there way of thinking and the way they react to everyday situations. View response.

Karen H from Colorado

Can a mangeanoma become a cancer? View response.

steve f from hartord wisconsin

how do brain tumors form View response.

Kathy M from Riverview, MI

What is the typical coarse of treatment for astrocytoma located within the spinal cord (C3-C7) of an adult? Also, what is the prognosis and timeline for such a case? View response.

Joan D from Westfield, NY

What are the signs of cancer in the spine? I have been having alot more weakness in my legs as well as losing feeling and movement in them, my doctor wants me to see a nurosurgen, does this mean he suspects cancer? View response.

Lorena from Surprise, Az

I been diagnosed with a 2mm tumor by my inner ear, that to me is very very small. But my symptoms are numless around my mouth and left , right foot but more left foot. then chest pain and shorten of breath. burning of eyes with bad vision. then when these symptoms are not there i do have a headache on right side by my eye temple. my symptoms come and go. can this small tumor cause these symptoms? View response.

Lois from Missouri

I had a brain tumor about 6 years ago it was benign.I am having trouble with my memory is that normal? View response.

Ines from Washington, DC

My husband has glioblastoma miltiforme. Its been 18 months since he was diagnosed. He had surgery, radiation and quimiotehrapy. The cancer is back. Now he is having headaches all the time. The doctors told me there nothing else to do. He has been prescribed Tylenol extra strenght for the headches, but is not enough. The doctors tell me there isn'much they can do about that, Please tell me what would help him about the headach? View response.

Mark B from Columbus, OHio

I have a recurruing brain tumor that started in 1998. It was removed and I went through one year of radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment worked and I was cancer free until the smummer of 2010. The treatment is Avastin and Temadore. Is there a therapy available similar to radiation? I've heard of a Proton stream. What about surgery? Is that an option

Unknown from

my age is 73.....headacks .but not surviier ,.dry mouth, balances not great



  • Clinton Baird, MDClinton Baird, MD

    Dr. Baird serves as Medical Director of Neurosurgery Services at CTCA at Southwestern Regional Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He performs brain, spinal and peripheral nerve surgeries for adults who have neurological cancer.

5 things to know about neurological cancer

  1. Lung, breast, malignant melanoma, kidney and colon cancer commonly spread to the brain.
  2. Headaches, seizures and weakness are common symptoms of brain cancer.
  3. The most common primary brain tumors are glioblastoma, anaplastic astrocytoma and oligodendroglioma.
  4. Lung, breast, prostate and colon cancer commonly spread to the spine.
  5. Symptoms of spinal cancer include back or neck pain, weakness and difficulty with urination.

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