New Reasons for Hope: Lung Cancer Advancements

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Meet Dr. Nader

Interventional pulmonologist Dr. Daniel Nader recently answered a number of your questions about lung cancer. Please see the questions below and click on the links to view his video recorded responses.

Adora Gonzalez from San Francisco

A month ago a friend was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and recently passed away on, November 21, 2011. My question for you is how does a person who is "healthy" get that disease? View response.

madison friedman from

how dose ung cancer start? View response.

leslie from Las vegas

Is lung cancer curable, and if so how can you get cured? View response.

Penny Burdick from

Is pleural effusion due to lung cancer, COPD, radiation to the lung, or chemo. Please explain? View response.

andrey kopylov from northridge CA

I'm 17 I've been smoking for 4 years but I smoked maybe 6 - 10 ciggarets a day and sometimes I didn't smoke for weeks, where can I check for lung cancer so my parents wouldn't know and also it should be cheap. Some where around 91325 View response.

Chriss Davis from Wilmington, Delaware

What are treatments for stage 4 Lung Cancer? View response.

Connie Elston from Carmel, maine

My mom was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma lung cancer in may of this year. She went through surgery and chemotherapy. She has had exrays since and they so far have looked ok. My question is what is the percentage rate of this reoccuring? and if so would it be the same cancer or different? And would it come back in the same spot? View response.

Nikki H from

If you have small cell lung cancer and they're able to remove a portion of the lung and some lymph nodes close to that area are affected, how likely is it, that it can spread during surgery? If you have the surgery, will you still have to take the chemo and radiation? View response.

sam from Indiana

when you smoke what makes you get lung cancer

Agnes Polizzi from Kentucky

Can laser be use to break up tumor in lung that is cutting off air supply? The tumor is cancer but my husband is 88 yrs old and they don't want to operate or anything else. It there anything that can be done. He was very active for his age until this started, now he has a cough.



  • Dr. Daniel Nader

    Dr. Nader leads the interventional pulmonology program (Lung Center) at CTCA at Southwestern Regional Medical Center.


  • Lung Cancer Diagnosis

    Lung Cancer Diagonsis
    We use sophisticated, minimally invasive technology to detect tumors deep inside the lungs, and accurately determine the type and stage of lung cancer.

  • Lung Cancer Treatment

    Lung Cancer Treatment
    We target lung cancer with some of the most aggressive treatments available, and support you with therapies to boost your immune system, reduce pain and improve your quality of life.

  • Lung Cancer Treatment Results

    Lung Cancer Treatment Results
    We publish our patient survival rates, along with quality of life, patient loyalty, and speed of care results for both non-small cell lung cancer and small cell lung cancer.

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